Canada’s Drag Race: Snatch Game

S1/ Ep 5

Ilona Verley; photo from Bell Media

“It’s the gayest night of the year!”

Traci Melchor is right; it is the gayest night of the year because nothing gets the gays going like the legendary Snatch Game, a make-or-break moment for every Drag Race contestant.

But first, a word of acknowledgment for the dearly departed Tynomi Banks — back in the werkroom post-elimination, emotions are still running high.

Brooke Lynn comes in (wearing a sweater I instantly want in my closet) and opens the la bibliotheque for the Mini Challenge because reading is what? Fundamental!

Canadians really are that nice, so it’s unsurprising that the reads are soft. Lemon, the Canadian twink living in New York, wins the challenge; “Priyanka, you talk about having sex a lot, but the only thing you’re f**king is stupid” is an all-time great.

Brownie points for Rita Baga, who dares to shade Miss Hytes herself with “finally, a Canadian will win Drag Race.”

This week’s Maxi Challenge needs no introduction. The Snatch Game requires the queens to perfect their celebrity impersonations and make the judges laugh.

Photo from Bell Media

It’s the first-ever Canadian Snatch Game, and we have quite a range of characters. BOA’s Gypsy Rose-Blanchard is a choice I never thought I’d see on the show (and if you don’t know who that is, I recommend watching Hulu’s terrifying mini-series, The Act), as is Lemon’s choice of JoJo Siwa, America’s most irritating teenager.

BOA, unfortunately, isn’t able to bring the jokes, expressing to the judges later that she was afraid of being offensive in her portrayal of the Munchausen by Proxy victim-turned-killer. Priyanka, however, doesn’t have that excuse to hide behind her performance as famous psychic Miss Cleo. Priyanka is known for her improv, so it’s shocking to see her fail to land a single joke. Kiara’s Mariah Carey doesn’t hit us with a punchline either, even though Brooke Lynn throws her a few opportunities.

Scarlett BoBo shines as a perennial gay icon Liza Minnelli, nailing everything from the makeup, the accent and mannerisms. It’s interesting that the judges fall in love with Jimbo’s Joan Rivers because it pales in comparison to the Minnelli impression. Joan Rivers… and her dead husband’s ashes? It wasn’t funny on the Late Show with David Letterman, and it isn't funny here.

Rita Baga gives us an acting class with her impression of French singer Edith Piaf. Her commitment to embodying the character is commendable, as if it was a theatrical role. Finally, there’s Ilona Verley as porn star Rebecca “I’m a f**king c*ck destroyer” More, who starts off slow, but kicks into high gear as the game goes on.

With guest judge Mary Walsh, the category on the runway is Night of Thousand Celines, a reference to Brooke Lynn’s disastrous performance as Celine Dion during Snatch Game during her season of Drag Race. Highlights include Jimbo finally showing us some glamour and Priyanka pulling out a stunning two-looks-in-one stunt on the runway.

Scarlett BoBo on the runway; photo from Bell Media

Jimbo’s name is called as the first Canadian winner of Snatch Game, and with Scarlett and Ilona declared safe, it’s clear who the bottom two are. Lemon most likely would have been a top had her runway look not been so basic. All three judges rave about her JoJo impersonation.

The judges call on Priyanka and Kiara to lipsync Celine’s “I Drove All Night,” and it’s one of the greatest lipsyncs in Drag Race herstory. Period. Brooke and the crew don’t even try to hide how impressed they are; Stacey practically jumps out of her seat. If there is ever a time for a double-shantay, this is it, but the judges decide to send Kiara home.

Hopefully, she’s satisfied in knowing that she gave us one hell of a performance.

Just between us squirrel friends…

The Shetalk red carpet with Traci Melchor before Snatch Game is hilarious. etalk is Canada’s most popular entertainment news show, produced by Bell Media, which also happens to produce Canada’s Drag Race — we love the cross-promo.

If you bomb Snatch Game, they ask you to host it!

Canada’s Drag Race airs Thursday nights at 9 PM EST on CraveTV.



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